Now you have a website, what’s next? Unfortunately it is not simply a case of build it and they will come, it is crucial that you create an effective strategy to get the most out of the time and money you have invested in getting your business online.

Attracting new leads to my website workshop will uncover consumer trends and patterns when researching, browsing and buying online.  We will help you determine what you want customers to do when they land on your site and how you can attract new leads and then translate those into sales and revenue.


Who Should Attend?

Do you have a website and want to learn how to promote it to attract new traffic?  Are you stuck for new ideas on how to promote your website?  Would you like to learn about the latest trends and methods for attracting new leads to your website?  If so, then this workshop is perfect for you.

What Will You Learn?

  • Trends in consumer search patterns
  • Strategies  to drive new traffic to your website
  • New ideas for campaigns

Tracking and analysing traffic to your site

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Rolling Tips

  • Half of Older Mobile Users Now Own Smartphones
  • Content is KING!
  • Responsive design ensures your website's works for all visitors and their devices
  • Don’t make web users think. The web page should be obvious and self-explanatory.
  • Place your keywords early in your content and make them prominent, bold, in header tags, linked, title, and bulleted.