10 digital trends through 2013

While many firms still struggle to optimize their e-commerce efforts, the world has moved past them to m-commerce. As an example of the power of mobile, 45% of Groupon’s sales occur on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

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Twitter Followers Help SMBs

Nearly three quarters of people (72%) are more likely to make a future purchase from an SMB after they follow or interact with the business on Twitter, according to a recent report by Market Probe International and Twitter.

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Running a small business in 2013

Some 59% of decision-makers at small businesses say it's harder to run a business today than it was five years ago, and more than half cite the economy as a major challenge, according to a recent survey by Constant Contact.

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8 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Business LinkedIn Page

According to current data (2Q13), LinkedIn had 238 million members. The professional social network's popularity grows unabated, remaining a sought-after online destination for business networking, hiring, and even financing

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Rolling Tips

  • Half of Older Mobile Users Now Own Smartphones
  • Content is KING!
  • Responsive design ensures your website's works for all visitors and their devices
  • Don’t make web users think. The web page should be obvious and self-explanatory.
  • Place your keywords early in your content and make them prominent, bold, in header tags, linked, title, and bulleted.